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Press Release

First Frozen Egg Pregnancy in Arizona
The Fertility Treatment Center announced that it has achieved the first successful In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) pregnancy in Arizona and the Southwestern United States using frozen human eggs (oocytes).

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Precious Wonders is the largest Egg Donor Program in Arizona, with the greatest number of local donors, and with more egg donation cycles than any other on-site program in Phoenix.

Precious Wonders Mission is to build families with the invaluable contribution of an "assisting Angel", a generous woman who provides her eggs to couples who otherwise would not have children.

Precious Wonders has recruited compassionate women willing
to undergo the discomfort and inconvenience required to provide
eggs, motivated primarily by the inner satisfaction of helping
another woman become a mother. 

Our donors are genuinely concerned about whether or not
our patients actually achieve their dream of building a
family, with all the joys, fulfillment, and responsibilities
of life with children.
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